About the Author


I describe myself these days an an Adventurer and Writer. A life of adventure and physical challenge pre-dates my career as a Doctor of Psychology, and has now emerged ascendant once more.

Climbing, running and wilderness travel have been my long-standing ways of life, and Andy’s too. We met because of climbing and mountaineering, and after that saw many adventures together, including introducing our daughter Katy to climbing. In an earlier escapade, after just returning from Everest, I smashed two vertebrae from a lead fall whilst climbing in Snowdonia, an accident that has shaped my attitudes to exercise and injury ever since. The subsequent onset of arthritis in my hip has also strengthened my resolve to live physically.

In 2012, after working for a decade heading a University training course in Counselling Psychology, I made the leap out of salaried work to start up ‘Farafoot Bushcraft and Survival’ and to begin to write. I’ve needed supplementary jobs, so therefore I am a: house/animal-sitter, chef, decorator, post-officer, and academic examiner – all to support my freedom.

The two occupations (bushcraft and writing) have inspired one another, and my ‘Expeditions from the Backdoor’, arising from my novel INCH, have taken-off on a journey of their own.

autostoryographyMy very first work of fiction on which I cut my teeth as a writer, is called Autostoryography. The novel incorporates a collection of fables within a life story.

I am currently writing a novel exploring the themes of memory, identity, fame and politics in contemporary life.